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04 Jun Jadeite in sauna
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Jadeite – exclusive, semi-precious, healing, ecologicaly clean bath-sauna stone!Jadeite in your bath-house or sauna not only looks good, but it is very usefull. When heated stone is in contact with water, a healing steam enriched with metasilicic acid evaporates. This steam has a positive impact on ..
04 Jun Jadeite for sauna
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Since the company Hakasinterserviss creator Michael Hroļenko discovered jadeite stone ideal suitability for baths and saunas, the popularity and worldwide demand for this healing gemstone is growing all the time. Jadeite stones for bath and sauna nowdays can be found in the worlds luxurious hotels a..
06 May Jadeite. The History
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 Jadeite – semi-precious stone with healing  properties.To this stone for many centuries worshiped different peoples and countries. Because of its healing properties and beauty, jadeite is the most honored in Southeast Asia, Central and South America, but more attention to this stone was awarded in ..
06 May About Jadeite
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 Jadeite stone is from nephritis stone group, one of the most mystical stones. In many nations around the world jadeite was important for both the economy and the determination of status in society. As the cult stone it has been used in China, the America, New Zealand, India, Japan and even in Alask..
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