About Jadeite

 Jadeite stone is from nephritis stone group, one of the most mystical stones. In many nations around the world jadeite was important for both the economy and the determination of status in society. As the cult stone it has been used in China, the America, New Zealand, India, Japan and even in Alaska! In the East, people believe that jadeite is a sacred stone, diversity and an infinity symbol. In China people believe that jadeite brings good luck and protection from accidents. About this stone legends are composed and traditions established, it has been used to create a cult items, invaluable works of art, architectural elements, jewelery, tools and household items. The history of use of jadeite stones is centuries-old. To own items made of jadeite was, is and will be prestigious, as well as will never be forgotten and denied healing properties of jadeite stone, which are also know from time immemorial! 

Jadeite is a semiprecious stone, which on industrial scale is produced only on some countries - Burma, China, Japan, Guatemala, Mexico, the USA, Kazakhstan and Russia - and is used mainly for the manufacturing of jewelry and souvenirs. This stone is considered a precursor of all gemstones, and it symbolizes the five main virtues: charity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom. Chinese and Japanese emperors wore jadeite jewelry, slept on pillows made of jadeite and ate from bowls made of jadeite. Therefore jadeite is known as the emperor's stone.

The highest quality jadeite used in jewelry creation, is produced in Burma. While in Russia, Boruss field, Republic of Khakassia one of the richest jadeite stones in the world is obtained. It's rich physical-mechanical composition has been approved by three unrelated institutions in Russia, the USA and Hong Kong. Jadeite of Khakassia is described as a stone with an unusually high viscosity, it can be crushed only with diamond drills, it is insoluble in acids, retain integrity in board thickness up to 0.4mm. It has low thermal and electrical conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient. Jadeite of Khakassia corresponds to the first class of radiation safety standard, which means that, unlike other rocks, which occur naturally, jadeite of Khakassia contains practically 0% radiation and can be used without restriction.

Despite these physical-mechanical properties, high chemical element and mineral content, for many years in Khakassia jadeite wells were searched highest standard jadeite used by the jewelry industry. Only relatively recently Hakasinterserviss - Russian company, which owns the exclusive right to carry out excavations in Boruss jadeite fields, discovered new ways of usage for this precious stone. It turned out that "utility" jadeite which was not valid for the jewelry industry, is suitable for the production of decorative materials, use for aquarium and pet welfare, and most importantly - thanks to Khakassia jadeite's chemical and physical characteristics, it is ideal stone for saunas and baths.


About this majestic stone is written a book "Mир жадеита" ("Žadeīta World"), whose author is Michael Hroļenko (Михаил Яковлевич Хроленко) - the founder of a group of companies HakasinterservissThe book summarizes the legends, myths and traditions; described the physical and chemical properties of jadeite, described its healing properties and scientifically testified effect of stone on the human bodyMuch attention is paid to the jadeite world market characteristics, summarized nearly 200 pictures with unique works of art, monuments, cult objects and jewelery made from this unique stone. The book is like a guide in the broad jadeite discovery world not only for specialists, but for anyone who wants to learn more about this noble, majestic, mystical imperial stone.


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