Jadeite – exclusive, semi-precious, healing, ecologicaly clean bath-sauna stone!

Jadeite in your bath-house or sauna not only looks good, but it is very usefull. When heated stone is in contact with water, a healing steam enriched with metasilicic acid evaporates. This steam has a positive impact on whole human body in such ways as:

  • Strengthens the nervous system,
  • Heals kidney diseases,
  • Equalizes arterial blood pressure,
  • Softens blood vessels,
  • Improves blood composition,
  • Heals urinary tract diseases,
  • Strengthens male potency,
  • Reduces joint and lower back pain,
  • Positively influences the condition of the skin,
  • Improves respiratory tract function.

Due to its unique physical and mechanical properties jadeite is the most durable stone for use in saunas and baths stoves of any type.

Unlike other bath-house stones, jadeite heating time is by 20 percent longer but it also keeps a constant temperature in the steam room for a much longer time.

Jadeite is safe to use in all kinds of bath-house and sauna stoves: it does not crack, shoot, emit odors and it balances the radiation background in the room, because jadeite stone's radiation indicators, unlike the stones taken from the field or river, are 200 times smaller than norm, not to say none at all.

The steam from heated jadeite stone is very soft and it can really be called "an easy steam"! After sauna or bath-house procedures you will not have the "heavy head" feeling.

With all these qualities listed, we can say:

Jadeite is the perfect stone for your sauna or bath-house!

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