Since the company Hakasinterserviss creator Michael Hroļenko discovered jadeite stone ideal suitability for baths and saunas, the popularity and worldwide demand for this healing gemstone is growing all the time. Jadeite stones for bath and sauna nowdays can be found in the worlds luxurious hotels and SPA centers, as well as in near home bath-houses and small inns! In picture - Juvenex SPA, located in New York, USA. To build this iglu type jadeite sauna, 20 tonnes of this precious and healing stone was used!

About jadeite stone suitability for saunas and bath-houses testifies studies of stone physical-chemical properties. Jadeite of Khakassia is very durable stone and, unlike other stones, it is crashed by drilling, not blowing. Therefore jadeite of Khakassia has not been observed bursting and cleavage in drastic temperature fluctuations, unlike other stones. Because of its poor thermal conductivity, jadeite stones has to be heated longer than other stones, but afterwards, stable temperature will remain for much longer time.  The usage of this stone is not limited! It can be used in sauna/bath finish, used in different stoves - electric or direct heating, even infrared sauna! The heated stone will fill the air with a variety of elements that it contains, but in contact with water, healing steam enriched with metasilicic acid will form. Metasilicic acid is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, it has a positive effect on the human body, rejuvenates the skin and improves respiratory function. 

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