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This aroma of hot, sweet milk tea, enriched with warming spices and ginger, will evoke memories of lazy winter mornings and long conversations on rain..
Ex Tax:2.07€
100% Natural and Pure Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) Essential Oil in Dark Brown 10ml Glass Bottle. Indian peppermint essential oil has been used for ce..
Ex Tax:3.47€
Natural sisal long bath sponge with wooden handles (x1)
Out Of Stock
Natural sisal bath / sauna sponge with wooden handles.Great sponge for blood circulatory improvement.Soak well before first usage to avoid too..
Ex Tax:4.05€
Ultrasonic humidifier - aroma diffuser Carafe. With the help of ultrasonic waves, water is vaporized, which together with the essential oil evaporates..
Ex Tax:32.98€
Grinded (smooth) jadeite stones has a more aesthetic appearance than split-face stones. Due to its smooth forms it is more used in bath-house ovens wi..
80.00€ 90.00€
Ex Tax:66.12€
100% natural beldi soap, surprising with its cosmetic and medicinal properties, has long been used for complete skin cleansing in the saunas of the ea..
Ex Tax:6.61€