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100% pure Himalayan salt crystal soap bar (x1)

100% pure Himalayan salt crystal soap bar (x1)
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100% pure Himalayan salt crystal soap bar (x1)

Himalayan salt "soap" - massage stone for everyday use in sauna, bath or shower! The main benefits of using ecologically pure Himalayan salt crystal soap:
-General circulation improvement;
-The skin and the body's detoxification;
-Strengthening skin tissue;
-Remove dead skin cells;
-Skin pore cleansing.

Himalayan salt crystal "soap" - massage stone with its 84 minerals and trace elements can provide a therapeutic benefit for many diseases, such as psoriasis, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, colds, herpes, acne, neurodermatitis, insect bite cause itching, bronchitis, cracked heels, etc. Salt crystal "soap" may be used as a natural alternative to salt bath treatments. It's very good for cleansing the skin, destroying bacteria and preventing their formation, as well as "soap" is easy and convenient to use - salt on sensitive areas of the skin is applied by hand. Himalayan salt "soap" allows salt to be stored in the upper callous layer of the skin and binds water. This maintains the natural, protective film of the skin and the skin does not dry out. This is the reason why crystal bath salt bars are good for dry skin as well. The toxins are released while the minerals from the crystal salt are absorbed through the skin. This reduces the acidity in our body and balances the PH factor of our skin.

 Wet your hands with salt crystal and apply a salty liquid to wet body. Let dry. Salt you can rinse off after about one minute, or leave on the body. Burning feel shall vanish in 2 to 5 minutes. Let the salt to crystallize on the skin, or if you want to, clear it with a soft, dry cloth. If your skin seems irritated, do not use cosmetic body oil immediately. Allow the skin to relax for about 20 minutes and, if necessary, coat the skin with a natural cosmetic oil. Do not use body creams or butter, only oil. Use it only if you think it is necessary. Salt "soap" is not soap in the classic sense, it is more like the body cream.

ATTENTION !!! Keep away from eyes as salt will sting. If this happens, rinse your eyes with clean, running water. Do not rub yourself with salt crystal like with ordinary soap because it will scratch sensitive skin! Keep soap in a dry place and away from children. Do not allow children to use salt soap unatended! 
Salt crystal weight, shape and color may vary. Approximate salt crystal "soap" weight is 100-200g. Appr. 5cm dia & 2.5cm thick. Priced per each.

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