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Himalayan salt lamp THE HAND OF FATIMA 5kg

Himalayan salt lamp THE HAND OF FATIMA 5kg
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Himalayan salt lamp THE HAND OF FATIMA 5kg

Exclusive design natural Himalayan salt lamp THE HAND OF FATIMA is an outstanding hand made product. The best you can get from nature for your health and well-being! The decorative element is designed in a particularly delicate pattern.

Includes power cord and light bulb. Lamp weight 4.5-5kg, suitable for rooms with an area of ​​up to 30 square meters.

The salt lamp absorbs the moisture in the room and, when heated, releases the moisture together with the salt ions back into the room, creating healthy, ionized and clean air. Relieves air of dust and allergens. It is recommended to place the salt lamp next to the computer equipment and the TV, because in this way the not too healthy electromagnetic radiation is neutralized. The use of a salt lamp also reduces the spread of microbes and mold in the room. Improves mood and sleep quality.

Use every day when you are at home. Can be used as a night light. If the lamp starts to flow, it must be used while it is dry and then the excess salt must be wiped off the lamp. Use frequently in wet weather. If you do not use the lamp for a long time, remove the bulb, unplug it, and place the lamp in a plastic bag and place it in a dry place. Do not leave a lit lamp when you are away from home. Light bulb 15W E14

The natural stone pattern may vary and will not be considered a defect. The color tone of the wood may differ from what is shown on the monitor. The image is informative. In case of questions, contact the seller.

Price per lamp.

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