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Selenite candleholder - Yin-Yang

Selenite candleholder - Yin-Yang
Selenite candleholder - Yin-Yang
Selenite candleholder - Yin-Yang
Selenite candleholder - Yin-Yang
Selenite candleholder - Yin-Yang

Selenite (type of gypsum) - Moonstone, whose abilities increase during the New Moon, intensifying the color of the stone as well.

Selenite brings us closer to our Light Body (Merkaba), providing clarity of mind and expansion of consciousness. It is considered the flower of the Shambhala stone. Selenite unlocks intuition, facilitates access to Higher Knowledge and awakens creative potential. Selenite symbolizes spirituality and purity, bringing us deep peace, self-control and meekness.

Has a very fine vibration

Provides clarity of mind, deep self-control

Selenite is considered the flower stone of Shambhala

Selenite received as a gift promises good luck and prosperity

Loosens the language, gives the ability to convince others in negotiations

Develops intuition, common sense, provides access to high knowledge

Helps to receive information through Light energies

Cleanses and strengthens the aura, opens the crown chakra (7), expands consciousness

Wonderfully healing on energetic levels

Symbolizes spirituality and purity, awakens creative potential

If you attach selenite to other stones, their effect becomes stronger

Very good as a lamp - creates a wonderful atmosphere that fills us with new forces.

Good to keep in a meditation room

Medicinal properties

Straightens the spine and increases flexibility

Prevents epileptic attacks, neutralizes the activity of free radicals

A wonderful crystal for nursing mothers and their babies

Neutralizes the activity of free radicals /Source -

Diameter 11 cm.

Each candle holder may vary slightly in color and shape and is not considered a defect.

Attention! The product is handmade. The material is natural stone. Inaccuracies in design, chipping and small cracks are acceptable and are not considered a defect. Image is illustrative. The color of the product may vary slightly from the image.

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