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Cinnamon Essential Oil (Cinnamomum (Ceylon) Zeylanicum) 10ml

Cinnamon Essential Oil (Cinnamomum (Ceylon) Zeylanicum) 10ml
Cinnamon Essential Oil (Cinnamomum (Ceylon) Zeylanicum) 10ml

Premium 100% natural and pure cinnamon essential oil (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum - Ceylon Cinnamon) in a dark brown 10 ml glass bottle.

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

Parts used: Leaves and branches

Method of production: steam distillation

Aroma: strong, warm, spicy smell, somewhere between cloves and cinnamon; Color: clear yellow or orange.

Perfume: from base to middle note.

Therapeutic effect - cinnamon oil is soothing, warming and invigorating with strong antiseptic properties. When used in aromatherapy, this oil helps with colds and bronchitis, relieves depression. It is used to help with respiratory illnesses, diarrhea, chills, infections, flu, rheumatism and arthritis when used in bath water or mixed with massage oil. It relieves nausea and vomiting.

NB! Never use clean on the skin and in the bath !!! May cause skin burns or irritation. Only 0.5% solution in base oil can be applied to the skin, which is about 1 drop per 30-40ml of base oil. Avoid using cinnamon oil during pregnancy. Do not use in children under 6 years of age.

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