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Tribal Soul White Copal Jumbo Incense Back Flow Cones Pk of 10

Tribal Soul White Copal Jumbo Incense Back Flow Cones Pk of 10
Tribal Soul White Copal Jumbo Incense Back Flow Cones Pk of 10

White Copal backflow jumbo cones. Hand made in India. Child labor free, natural, vegan friendly. Long burning time, appr. 40-60 minutes.

Copal refers to the variety of resins extracted from the trees of the "Bursera" family. Thousands of the years ago, Copalwas considered as a sacred resin by Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico and Central America. The Mayans used to offer it to the Gods as one of the most valuable things, along with tabacco and cocoa. Copal is still used today in shamanic ceremonies for energetic protection, offering, cleansing and purification. It is an excellent incense to make positive changes. Copal has a rich sweet, piney smell that brings peace and harmony. 

How to use: Hold the cone in one hand, the lighter in the other hand. Tilt the cone sideways and light the pointed end of the cone for 5-10 seconds. When it starts glowing, put off the flame and place the cone on the backflow incense burner (NOT INCLUDED). Enjoy the downward flow of smoke. For optimal use, keep away from draughts.

Warning: Keep safe distance from burning incense. Use incense in ventilated area. People allergic to incense should use with caution. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Make sure ashes fall on fireproof surfaces.  

Manufactured: Hand made in India

Contains: 10 jumbo incense cones.

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Biruta Tihonova28/11/2021

Ļoti patīkams , harmonisks,maigs.

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