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WHITE SAGE + PALO SANTO - Tribal Soul Incense Sticks 15g

WHITE SAGE + PALO SANTO - Tribal Soul Incense Sticks 15g
WHITE SAGE + PALO SANTO - Tribal Soul Incense Sticks 15g

Tribal Soul WHITE SAGE + PALO SANTO incense sticks.

For hundreds of years, white sage has been considered a sacred, purifying plant. Native Americans started the tradition of burning its dry bundled leaves, during their purification ceremonies and healing sessions, to cleanse a space or a person of all evil spirits or negative energies. 
Palo Santo has been part of the South American culture for centuries. The wood of this wild tree from the Amazon rainforests, was traditionally burned by Incas and Shamans for spiritual purification, energy cleansing and healing. The combination of the earthy aroma of White Sage with the soothing balsamic scent of Palo Santo provides a perfect environment for meditation.

Beautifully wrapped in a pull-out box, incense sticks wrapped in a brown paper bag, tied with a jute cord and decorated with a bright feather.

Package: 15g ** These sticks are made by weight, the number of sticks in one packet may vary. Each packet contains about 10-12 sticks **

How to use: place the incense in the holder, ignite and let it burn for 5-10 seconds. When the stick starts to glow, blow out the flame and place on a fireproof surface. Enjoy the charming aroma of oriental elixir. For optimal use, keep away from draughts.

Warning: Keep safe distance from burning incense. Use incense in ventilated area. People allergic to incense should use with caution. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Make sure ashes fall on fireproof surfaces.  

Hand rolled.

Manufactured:Bangalore, India

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